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FloCap’s Capillary technology and treating applications have played an integral role in solving the chemical treating issues in Gas lift wells in the Permian basin. The Capillary strings downhole placement allows you to pinpoint your chemical treatment and ensures you get 100% of your chemical downhole, eliminating inefficiencies associated with standard backside chemical treatments.

FloCap offers a full fleet of banding trailers and concentric units for customers for all types of capillary installation applications. Every FloCap capillary unit has the ability to pump chemicals throughout the installation process, immediately identifying line integrity issues. FloCap’s standard operating procedure includes an operator and banding gun – complete with necessary banding material. The Surface manifold assembly comes complete with low pressure filters, anti-syphon valves and pressure gauges. A chemical injection mandrel with a double ball and seat check valves is utilized for pinpoint treatment at different depths.

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FloCap Services
FloCap Services

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